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A boa constrictor is a species of snake.

Adventures with boa constrictors[]

in 1935, while travelling toward Pankot Palace, Willie Scott was approached by a boa but tossed it away, believing it was the trunk of his elephant.[1]

The next day,[2] a Coiled Wrigglies was served at the Guardian of Tradition Dinner given at Pankot Palace,[1] as the second course. It consisited of live baby eels stuffed inside a moist boa constrictor.[3]

Jock Lindsey owned a boa[4] called Reggie in 1936. Indy had the misfortune to meet it after escaping the Hovitos sent by René Emile Belloq after failing to recuparate the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol.[5]

Later that year Indy and Marion Ravenwood met a wild boa in Africa.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The species of snake that attacks Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom[1] is revealed in the junior novel,[2] despite boa constrictors are native from South America, not India.

In the comic adaptation Willie is attacked by the snake while bathing during the journey to Pankot Palace. Indy, too afraid of the snake to help her, tells her to pet the snake, which causes it to fall asleep. Afterwards, Willie says, "I hate snakes!" and smacks Jones, to which Indy replies, "I know the feeling".[7]

The Marvel Comics Issue "Africa Screams!" also presents a boa constrictor in Africa.[6]



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