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Indiana Jones in a sparring boxing match at the Barnett College gymnasium in 1938.

Boxing, or pugilism, covers martial sports built around strikes with the hands (although some types also involve strikes with the feet, knees. shins, and elbow). The type of martial art most often referred to as boxing has roots in ancient Greek culture, and involved two opponents using clench-fisted strikes - in the modern day incarnation of the sport, they wear protective gloves - to either knock out the opponent or to earn enough points for victory.

Marcus Brody held a bantam-weight boxing title from his days at Princeton University.

The German Mechanic fought by Indiana Jones on the landing strip of the Nazi Flying Wing in 1936 was a Bavarian prizefighter. Realizing he couldn't win in a fair fight, Jones decided to fight dirty but was only spared when the Flying Wing's propeller blades caught the mechanic unawares.

In 1938, Indiana Jones would sometimes spar with the local boxing instructor at Barnett College to keep in shape. He was a skilled boxer and had won at least one boxing tournament in his life.

A German pugilist called Biff served as a guard in Castle Brunwald same year, and another German boxer - who had won a gold medal in light-weight boxing at the 1934 Olympics - worked as a ticket taker on a zeppelin in 1938.



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