Braun was a Nazi sergeant in the SS, operating under Hans Schäefer in 1943 as part of the detachment assigned to Edwin Gruber during his pursuit of the Heart of Darkness on Zile Muri-yo. Braun had pale skin and blond hair.

Braun served as a scout on the mission, and went to spy on Indiana Jones, George McHale, and Marie Arnoux as they stayed in Efreye Village. Choosing to not wear insect repellent lest the odor attract unwanted attention, he returned to Gruber and Schäefer with mosquito bites to report on their quarry's location and likely plans to leave in the morning.

Braun returned to his spy post and witnessed a zombi attack on the village in the night. Shaken by seeing the zombis not die like normal men, he reported back to Gruber, who then assembled the men to explain that the Haitians had some sort of formula for making superhumans. When Heinrich Wagner doubted the fantastic nature of the information, Braun gave his own testimony of having seen a man shot three times and seem unaffected.


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