Brian Boru was an Irish king of the early eleventh centuries. Known for overthrowing the Uí Néill dynasty and attempting to unify all of Ireland in a model of kingship similar to England or France, his status rose to legendary in a work written about him in the twelfth century, Cogadh Gaedhil re Gallaibh, in which the Vikings attack Ireland, and Brian Boru drives them out, but is killed in the process.

In April 1916, after having his play reviewed poorly by William Butler Yeats, Sean O'Casey remarked to Indiana Jones that he was sick of symbolic plays with their Brian Borus.

The descendants of Brian became the O'Brian/O'Brien clan. Brendan O'Neal once claimed that his mother was a member of the O'Brian tribe, after delivering a tribute to Brian Boru in an effort to impress Rebecca Stein.


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