"British East Africa, September 1909" is the two-part story presented in issues 3 and 4 of Dark Horse Comics' twelve comic adaptations of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television show. It was based on the episode of the same title. Issue 3 was released on April 1, 1992, and issue 4 followed in May.

The story was republished as a single graphic novel: The Search for the Oryx in September 1992.

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Issue 3[edit | edit source]

BRITISH EAST AFRICA, September 1909. Indy the Lion Hunter! Indiana Jones finds himself on safari with Teddy Roosevelt to collect specimens for the Smithsonian. While hinting [sic] the elusive Fringe-Eared zoryx [sic]. Indy must decide if he agrees with Roosevelt's view on "animal conservation".

Issue 4[edit | edit source]

British East Africa, September 1909. In the conclusion of this two-part tale, death stalks Indy in the form of a hungry lion. Indy, with the help of his new friend Meto, has found the oryx for Teddy Roosevelt, but will he live to tell the news?

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Issue 3[edit | edit source]

Opening Bookend[edit | edit source]

Indiana Jones arrived at a charity luncheon, and after hassling the valet, found a table. When two socialites, Norma and Selina, argued over wearing animal skin garments, Jones brought up a story that illustrated the balance of nature, at a time when shooting an animal was considered an act of conservation.

British East Africa, 1909[edit | edit source]

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The issue ends with Jones and Meto's arrival at the Liabon's tree.

Issue 4[edit | edit source]

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Issue #3 also contains the four page "Who Are Those Guys?" article written by Kurt Busiek, delving into the history of Pancho Villa, John J. Pershing, and George S. Patton, which is simply a reprint of the same article from Issue #2, and does not connect with the contents of Issue #3.

Issue #4 gives a correction in the mixup of articles in Issue #3, and contains two articles by Kurt Busiek - "The Man with the Big Stick", about Theodore Roosevelt, both as politician, and outdoorsman, and the Smithsonian expedition to Africa in 1909, and "Birth of a Nation", about the history of Kenya.

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