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Lal: "I seem to remember that in Honduras you were accused of being a grave robber rather than an archaeologist."
Jones: "Well, the newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident."
Chattar Lal and Indiana Jones[src]

British Honduras was a small British colony in Central America, on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Together with Mexico and Guatemala, it was the home of the Mayan civilization, which flourished in the region until European contact. While most of Central America was primarily dominated by the Spanish, this country was primarily settled by British loggers, and eventually became a British colony.

Today, what was once called British Honduras is the modern day independent country of Belize.

Adventures in British Honduras[]

In 1933, the government of British Honduras declared Indiana Jones to be a grave robber for the theft of a precious crystal quartz artifact from Cozan, something that would drastically damage his reputation.[1] Pankot prime minister Chattar Lal learned of the event and reminded Jones of it when he was annoyed with the archaeologist's questions about Pankot Palace.[2]

In 1941, Indy and Bert Brodowski rested in British Honduras for the night while flying from Palmar Sur, Costa Rica to Uxmal, Mexico.[3]

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In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the map showing the flight to Peru labels British Honduras as Belize despite the name not being adopted until 1973.



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