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Brody's Barber Shop was located in Bedford, Connecticut, just off the campus of Marshall College.

In 1957, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams drove past the barber shop while fleeing a pair of KGB agents soon after evading capture at nearby Arnie's Diner.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Brody's Barber Shop was established for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, shot on-location in New Haven, Connecticut.[2] The existing Ten Thousand Villages store was renamed and set-dressed to look period appropriate for the film's 1957 setting.[3] Although little of the barber shop can be seen in the film itself, the blue signage can be briefly glimpsed as Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams come away from Arnie's Diner onto the main road.[1] The storefront is displayed in Production Diary: Making of "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".[2]

While the barber shop's name may be another nod to Marcus Brody, the Indiana Jones curator and college dean who has a statue and portrait at Marshall College in Crystal Skull,[1] the presence of a rival establishment called Quint's Barber Shop, positioned closer to the diner,[2] may indicate it's actually intended to reference director Steven Spielberg's film Jaws which includes Martin Brody and Quint as main characters.[4]



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