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The Brody family Bible was a leather-bound copy of the Bible. Dating back to the same period as the founding of Marshall College, it had belonged for generations to the family of Marcus Brody. It was rumored that Abraham Lincoln had taken the oath of office on this particular Bible.

After the death of Marcus Brody, the Bible was bequeathed to Marshall College. Charles Stanforth kept it on a shelf in his office library. In 1957, after the adventures at Akator and the reinstatement of Professor Henry Jones, Jr., Stanforth dashed into his office to retrieve the tome, and bring it to the wedding ceremony of Jones and Marion Ravenwood.

Behind the scenes[]

The Brody family Bible appears in the novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but in the film, Stanforth finds a copy of the Book of Common Prayer in his desk to rush to the ceremony.

It is possible that the Brody family Bible is meant to be the same Bible seen at Mashall College, when Jones and Brody give a quick history lesson on the Ark of the Covenant to Eaton and Musgrove.