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Bug is a general term for an insect of which there are numerous species.

Adventures with bugs[]

In 1935, Indiana Jones and his friends were served beetles as part of an unusual banquet that they attended at Pankot Palace in India.[1]

A swarm of insects infested the chambers leading to the Temple of Doom beneath the palace, serving as an obstacle to anyone approaching the Thuggee temple. The swarm consisted of many types of bugs, including cockroaches, centipedes, and "stick creatures". The infestation was so large that it covered the entire floor of the cave, some of its walls and several bugs were also present on the ceiling.[1]

When Jones and Short Round got caught in a spike trap, Willie Scott was forced to walk around in the swarm-infested cave in order to find the switch that stopped the trap.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Willie Scott's actress, Kate Capshaw, had to be drugged up not to faint while filming scenes with the live instects in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Allegedly one time during filming some insects also managed to escape and were found walking around the set, scaring some other actors.


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