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An elderly bureaucrat was present in Washington DC in 1936, when American archaeologist Indiana Jones and National Museum curator Marcus Brody discussed the location and future study of the recently found Ark of the Covenant with army intelligence agents Major Eaton and Colonel Musgrove. While the other four sat around the table, he stood in the background and let Eaton lead the conversation.


In 1936, after the Ark of the Covenant was found by American archaeologist Indiana Jones inside the Well of the Souls at Tanis, Egypt and captured from a group of Nazi soldiers led by Colonel Herman Dietrich and French archaeologist René Emile Belloq, the Ark was brought to Washington DC, where its fate was discussed by Jones, National Museum curator Marcus Brody, and US Army Intelligence agents Major Eaton and Colonel Musgrove.[1]

A high-ranking American official bureaucrat,[2] that Jones took to be a powerful civil servant, simply stood in the corner of the room observing the entire meeting without ever uttering a single word.[3] Before Jones left, he handed over his payment for retrieving the Ark.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Bureaucrat was portrayed by the late Bill Reimbold in Raiders of the Lost Ark.[1] As the character was credited over several other more prominent roles, it's possible that he had a bigger part in the movie that was ultimately cut from the finished film.

Given the sensitive nature of the Ark of the Covenant, it's likely that the bureaucrat was meant to be part of United States Army Intelligence or in a similar intelligence service like Eaton and Musgrove.

In film's storybook adaptation, the bureaucrat, described as a high-ranking American official, has some dialogue, including handing over payment for Jones' services in retrieving the Ark.[2]


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