Busby Giles was a unscrupulous entrepreneur and crime lord. While his own criminal mother was imprisoned, Giles hoping to continue his family's history in organized crime and enrolled his daughter, Lucy Giles, at Vassar College, so she could receive an education before joining him in organized crime.

Around 1936, he discovered the Hopi cave in Arizona and felt that it would be the perfect location for a large criminal hideout, as it was barely visible from the ground or the air. After paying off local officials to declare the site unsafe, he began to bring in construction equipment, turning the Hopi ruins into apartments for his criminal enterprise, and even building a runway at the back exit to the cave. He learned that a Marshall College archaeology professor had planned to make a class expedition to the cave, so he had Lucy transfer to Marshall and take "Archaeology 223" under Indiana Jones in order to keep tabs on Jones and as a potential back up plan.

When the Marshall College expedition came to Arizona in 1936, two of his men, Oinkster and Dominic tried to pose as Bureau of Indian Affairs agents to drive Jones and his class away. That night, Jones broke into the cave and beat up several of Giles' men before Lucy distracted Jones. Busby pretended to use his daughter as a hostage, to ensure that Jones would not report the illegal operation to the authorities, and force him to leave, after explaining his plan to build a hideout similar to Hole-in-the-Wall. With his student's life apparently at stake, Jones complied.

The next night, Jones broke in again, this time sneaking in through a smoke hole guarded by Mel and his partner. While trying to rescue Lucy, Lucy cried out, and Jones was captured a second time. Busby revealed that he was Lucy's father, and her role as a student was just a ruse. Hoping to eliminate Jones, Giles was shocked to hear Jones reveal that he had already radioed the state patrol, and started to escape when sirens began to be heard, leaving his men, like Oscar, to deal with Jones.

Racing to the hangar, Busby Giles reached the biplane and started the engine while his daughter, trailing behind, was caught by Jones. Claiming to be willing to bail his daughter out, Giles began taxiing down the runway. Jones managed to hook a chain to his biplane's landing gear, and then use a steamroller to hold down the other end of the chain. After taking off, Giles' plane stopped and crashed, broken in half. Mildly injured in the crash, Giles was arrested by the state troopers and claimed that Jones had caused his operations a serious financial setback.

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