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A small bust of Adolf Hitler representing the face of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was kept at Castle Brunwald around 1938.


The bust, which was designed in the shape Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, was kept in a secret communications room at Castle Brunwald on the Austro-German border.

In 1938, when American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his father Henry accidentally set alight the room in which they were imprisoned, they found a secret passage through the fireplace to escape the blaze only to find that their path led to the communications room inhabited by an SS officer and her men. Discovered, the Joneses quickly used the revolving door and led the Nazis inside the burning dining room. Before they could return, the younger Jones saw the bust and quickly used it to block the door's mechanism and trap the men on the other side. leaving them to the will of the flames.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hitler bust role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a later addition to the story. In Jeffrey Boam's earlier drafts of the script, Indiana Jones instead smashes a wooden stool with his foot and uses one of its broken pieces as a wedge to block the door.


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