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Butch was a teenager living in Princeton, New Jersey. He attended a Princeton high school with Indiana Jones and Nancy Stratemeyer. Butch had a Model T, which he used to travel around town with his friends. A bully, Butch often picked on Indy and other classmates.


In February 1916, Butch was at the athletic fields with Steven and a few other friends when Indiana Jones walked by. Butch taunted Jones about having to walk to the junior prom, but Jones responded that he was taking Nancy Stratemeyer in her father's Bugatti.

A few days later, Butch visited the soda shop where Indy worked, and asked Rosie to the dance, but she refused. While there, Butch continued to harass Jones about the car situation.

At the dance, Butch showed up with Rosie, his date, in his car, but was bested when their classmates favored the arrival of Indy and Nancy in a test car from Edison Laboratory.

In June 1917, while Jones was abroad, Butch married Nancy Stratemeyer. Eventually they had a son, Butch, whom Jones met in 1919.

Behind the scenes[]

The role of Butch was played by Lonnie Horsey.