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The cable car (also known as a trolley[1]) is a public transportation system used in San Francisco, California. Its rail cars propelled by a continuously moving cable and are controlled by gripping and releasing the cable. A network of cable cars was built in the city in the 1870s and 1880s by competing companies. After extensive damage to the network in 1906 earthquake, many of the cable car lines were replaced by electric streetcars and later by buses. One cable car line passes through the Chinatown neighborhood.


In 1939, Indiana Jones rescued his kidnapped friend, Archie Tan, and the pair used a cable car in Chinatown to escape from thugs chasing them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Videos and screenshots showcasing early versions of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings depicted Jones fighting Tong gangsters in or on the cable cars.

Different versions of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings depict the cable car chase in different ways:

  • Wii/PS2 version: After leaving Tan's office, Jones was confronted in the street by Magnus Völler, who was holding Tan hostage, in return for the Jade Sphere. Jones spied a cable car coming down the hill and secretly signalled Tan. As the cable car approached, Jones tossed a decoy bundle to Völler, and then Jones and Tan jumped onto the cable car. When Jones revealed his pistol, the cable car's gripman fled the vehicle, and Tan took control of the rail car, while Jones engaged in a shootout with Völler's men pursuing by automobile. After the last of Völler's henchmen had been defeated, Tan slowed the cable car down at the bottom of the hill, and the two sought safety.
  • PSP version: After saving Archie Tan at the Fireworks Factory, Jones and Tan caught a ride on a cable car while being pursued by Hip Chen Tong members on motorcycles, while heading the hidden downtown location of the Jade Sphere. Jones fired on the tong pursuers from the roof of the cable car while Tan drove. The cable car is called the 'Cable Car' in the game.
  • DS version: Jones and Tan caught the 'trolley' after escaping from Völler in the Star of the Orient's cavern under Lao Che Lounge. While Tan drove the trolley, Jones brawled with Nazis that made it onto the car's roof. When Tan lost control of the trolley, he and Jones jumped to a truck driven by Suzy Tan. The driverless cable car crashed into the San Francisco Bay.



  1. The Nintendo DS version ofIndiana Jones and the Staff of Kings refers to it as a trolley.

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