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"Your floating crap game just sprang a leak, New Jersey. You can't scam your blue bloods with the real McCoy in town."

Cairo was a woman on the run who met Indiana Jones in 1938.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1938, Cairo was working with a con man called "New Jersey Jones" who posed as Indy's brother to peddle fake artifacts. Cairo revealed that she had an agreement with New Jersey Jones which involved him transporting her to New York. Cairo ended up adrift at sea with Indiana Jones, New Jersey and the pirate Bill Lawton, who recognised her from a previous encounter.

The four found themselves in the Sargasso Sea, where they were confronted by a pirate called The Sea Witch. Lawton formed a mutiny against The Sea Witch by her crew, and the pirate was shot. Thought to be dead, the pirate managed to survive with Cairo tending to her wounds. After Lawton was killed by The Sea Witch, Cairo went back on the run.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Cairo had dark hair, blue eyes and wore a red dress. She was once a dancer by profession and carried a gun with her at all times, calling it "Wolf Repellant." When Lawton saw her, he recognised that he had previously known her under a different name and that she was known to frequently change them.

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