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"Sallah, I said NO camels! That's FIVE camels; can't you count?"
―Indiana Jones[src]

A camel is a type of large land mammal. There are two species of camels - dromedaries (with a single hump on its back), and Bactrian (with two humps on its back). Because camels can travel faster and farther than humans, and can eat grasses and other common vegetation, and require much less water than horses, they have been long used by humans as domesticated animals, primarily for riding. Domesticated camels are also used for milk and meat. Used as mounts in arid regions, camels play a role in many cultures of Asia and northern Africa.

Indiana Jones had experience at riding camels, though he prefered horses for speed.[1]

Adventures with camels[]

Scorpion and camels

A caravan of camels.

As a young child in 1908, Indiana Jones rode a guided camel, along with his tutor, Miss Seymour to go see the Pyramids. Unfortunately, while they were climbing one of the Pyramids, their guide ran off with their camels.[2]

Later that year, outside Tangiers, Indiana Jones and his friend Omar were kidnapped by slavers and taken via camel to a slave market.[2]

In 1938 in Hatay, Jones attempted to rescue Marcus Brody from a Nazi convoy, and instructed Sallah to acquire some horses from the Hatay escort - and not camels. While Sallah did get some horses, he also acquired some camels, for their economic value. The car they had used to get into the desert had been destroyed by Nazi weapons, and since it had been borrowed from his brother-in-law, Sallah felt that a quintet of camels might be used to reimburse his kin. Unfortunately, the camels were scattered before Sallah could return with them.[1]



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