Camlann was the fortress of High King Artorius and his warriors. With the death of Artorius, Angle and Saxon invaders destroyed Camlann and the High King's people fled with its treasures.

After the attacks Galahad fled with the Holy Grail to Iona leading it to be believed lost by some. Artorius' dragon ring was also taken and carried away around the neck of a woman named Morgen.

Over the centuries, stories of Camlann were retold and the fortress became known in legend as Camelot. The site itself was later known as Cadbury Castle. Traditions of Cadbury being Camelot survived, though this could not be verified by science.

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John Leland, writing in 1532, says that Cadbury Castle was King Arthur's Camelot. However Camlann in the legend was the place of the final battle of Arthur and Mordred, not Camelot.



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