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Cape Lopez is a peninsula on the coast of Gabon, containing the mouth of the Ogooué River on the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to the port city of Port-Gentil. From the late 1800's to 1960, Gabon was part of French Equatorial Africa.

In the latter part of 1916, a Belgian shipment of machine guns, mortars and howitzers that was scheduled to arrive in East Africa for the taking of Tabora ran aground near Cape Lopez.

The weapons were eventually retrieved by French forces, under Colonel Pernod, and in January 1917, they were delivered to the survivors of a Belgian expedition sent from German East Africa, led by Captain Henri Defense (Indiana Jones). Defense's expedition to take the weapons back to east Africa was delayed and later cancelled, and Defense and Remy Baudouin were later charged to escort the guns from Africa back to Europe.

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