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The capuchin monkey was a specially trained monkey of the Monkey Man.


In 1936, the capuchin[3] was assigned to follow the American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his partner Marion Ravenwood, locate the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra be it the piece itself or some similar shape like on a diagram and return it to her master Monkey Man. She was taught that failure would mean she wouldn't get to eat.[1]

Jones and Ravenwood first encountered the Capuchin on the rooftop of Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir's house, where she was entertaining his children. After Sallah's wife, Fayah, became aware that the monkey wasn't doing anything bad, she stated that she was welcome in their home. After realizing the monkey was not the family's pet, Ravenwood adopted her, and joked with Jones that she was their baby.[2]


The monkey reveals Marion Ravenwood's location.

The monkey accompanied Jones and Ravenwood on their shopping trip in the marketplace, but darted away when she realized that her master was nearby. Joining her master, she gave the heil salute to a German Agent, who reciprocated with one of his own. The monkey later helped in the Nazis' pursuit of Jones and Ravenwood, by signaling to the German agents and their Arab henchmen that Ravenwood was hiding in a basket.[2]

The monkey returned to following Jones who, unaware of the capuchin's true nature, went to the Marhala Bar to grieve while believing Ravenwood dead in an explosion. After a bar confrontation between Jones and René Emile Belloq, the monkey ran into Sallah's truck, where she received a hand signal from her master to stay with Jones.[2]


The monkey meets her end.

That night, at the house of Imam, the monkey's master poisoned a bowl of dates in order to kill the archaeologist, but the hungry monkey grabbed one for herself, ate it and died. Sallah saw her dead body, and managed to stop Jones from eating one of the poisoned fruit.[2] With his principal accomplice gone, Monkey Man disappeared.[4]

Personality and traits[]

The Capuchin wore a distinctive red vest and mimicked her master when giving the sieg heil. She would salute in return.[2] She was a devious comrade for Monkey Man.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Capuchin monkey's voice was provided by veteran voice actor Frank Welker[6] in Raiders of the Lost Ark.[2] Welker is known for having voiced many animals during his career, such as Hanna-Barbera's Scooby-Doo and Abu from Aladdin. The monkey is referred to as being male then female by Marion Ravenwood during the same scene in Raiders, which author Ryder Windham accounts for in his novelization by having Ravenwood notice that she had misidentified the Capuchin's sex and corrects herself.[1]

Two monkeys – Snuff and Puff – were hired for the production but the latter suffered from a nervous breakdown on arrival in Tunisia and was unable to perform, which led the crew to send him to the pet hospital in Tozeur.[7] Set designer Steve Edge, Snuff's owner, kept the jacket worn by the monkey.[8] According to producer Frank Marshall, in order for the crew to get Snuff to mimic the Nazi salute, a grape was hung from a fishing pole just out of reach. It took fifty takes to get the desired movement for the shot. Thus, Marshall took a disliking to the primate as Snuff didn't listen to him and was "impossible to work with".[9]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, the Capuchin monkey steals a photo of Sallah from Indy's hands, as he and Marion are looking for the digger, in order to lure Marion in a position where the mercenaries can drop a large black vase on her, but Indy makes the save. The monkey survives as the scene at the house of Imam is omitted.[10] In the sequel, the monkey is never seen with the Monkey Man and she distracts Marion long enough to allow Toht to capture her in a barrel.[11]


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