Carlos was one of two Spanish-speaking thugs that attacked the Uribe house in 1937.

After visiting professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco had received a package and had invited over Indiana Jones, Carlos and his accomplice drove up to the house. Ringing the doorbell, the pair waited at the front door. When a young man opened it, they pushed him aside and Carlos reached for the package, only to have his arm grabbed by Jones. Jones tried to reprimand him, but Carlos pulled himself up to his full height and smiled, showing a missing tooth. He grabbed Jones and tossed him onto the couch. With his opponent down, he pulled a knife and jumped in to attack again, but Jones kicked him through the front window of the house.

While he tried to recover, Jones and Carlos' partner tumbled through the window, on top of him. Jones kicked away Carlos' knife but the large brute punched Jones over the porch railing. Climbing up onto the railing to continue the fight, Carlos was summoned to escape by his partner, who noticed a group of fratnernity brothers piling out of a car and running towards them. Following his partner, Carlos hopped into their car and rode away.

Secretly, Carlos and his partner had been hired by Uribe as part of a plot to lure Jones into a trap to ruin his reputation, as vengeance for the apparent ruining of Uribe's father's reputation by Jones years earlier. Jones later revealed that he knew that Uribe was behind the attack on her own place.


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