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The Cave Warrior was a member of the Ugha tribe who protected Akator.


When Indiana Jones and his companions journeyed to the city of Akator in 1957, the Cave Warrior was among those of the Ugha who attacked them. However, the tribe stopped when they saw the Crystal Skull, the head of one of their gods, held by Harold Oxley.[1]

The Cave Warrior and the other Ugha were killed by Soviet Special Forces led by Irina Spalko when they arrived at Akator in pursuit of Jones.[1]

The Ugha bodies were left at the steps leading from the entrance to the city and Akator was soon destroyed by the departure of the interdimensional beings in their flying saucer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Cave Warrior was played by Jon Valera (credited as John Valera) in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[1]



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