The Central Intelligence Agency (or CIA) is the main intelligence agency of the United States of America. It was formed by President Truman after World War II, taking much of the functions of the Office of Strategic Services.

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Both Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood were OSS agents during World War II and Hapgood went on to become a CIA agent.

In 1947, CIA agents Simon Turner and Sophia Hapgood encountered Indiana Jones in the search for the parts of the Infernal Machine before it could be completed by Soviet scientist Gennadi Volodnikov. Turner tried to use the device to rid the world of communism, but was thwarted by Jones and Hapgood, who ensured that the interdimensional portal opened by the machine stayed sealed.

In 1957, George McHale, after revealing his status as a double agent working for Irina Spalko, tried to convince Jones that he was actually a triple agent, working for the CIA. Jones accepted McHale's word, and brought him to Akator, where McHale revealed that he hadn't been a triple agent at all, merely lying about his CIA affiliation.

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