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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the main intelligence agency of the United States of America. It was formed by President Harry Truman after World War II, taking much of the functions of the Office of Strategic Services.

Adventures with the CIA[]

Both Indiana Jones[1] and Sophia Hapgood were OSS agents during World War II and Hapgood went on to become a CIA agent.[2]

In 1947, CIA agents Simon Turner and Sophia Hapgood encountered Indiana Jones in the search for the parts of the Infernal Machine before it could be completed by Soviet scientist Doctor Gennadi Volodnikov. Turner tried to use the device to rid the world of Communism, but was thwarted by Jones and Hapgood, who ensured that the interdimensional portal opened by the machine stayed sealed.[2]

In 1957, after revealing his status as a double agent working for Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko, George McHale tried to convince Jones that he was actually working for the CIA. Convinced, Jones brought him to Akator where McHale revealed his deception.[1]

By 1965, the CIA took notice of Helena Shaw, an Oxford University student whose archaeological pursuits had morphed into the life of an international con artist that traded in black market antiquities, and eventually sent Agent Mason to monitor her during their investigation.[3]

Dr. Jürgen Voller,[3] a former Nazi scientist brought over from Germany to the US after WW2,[4] also took an interest in Shaw. In 1969, under the cover identity of Professor Schmidt of Alabama University, Voller was celebrated as the rocket scientist and mathematician at NASA who had put American astronauts on the Moon during which the government had, in exchange for his expertise, humored the man's interest in tracking down the Antikythera, a device capable of locating fissures in time which Indiana Jones and Helena's father, Basil Shaw, had taken from him on board a Nazi plunder train in 1944.[3]

After "Schmidt" reached out to Helena Shaw to express interest in acquiring the dial, Voller, through his neo-Nazi enforcers Klaber and Hauke, took advantage of CIA cooperation in 1969 and followed Shaw to Indiana Jones at Hunter College where the Antikythera was hidden away. Emboldened by long-time government support, Voller's men murdered two of the university's staff to remove any witnesses to their actions, leaving Mason to deal with the fallout when the scientist suddenly went rogue to go after Shaw when she fled to Morocco to offload the artifact.[3]

Mason was then dispatched to Tangier in a CIA helicopter to rein Voller and his men in when their actions contributed to an extensive chase through the city streets (though the scientist's overt snubbing of the US president had not done him any favors either). With Voller having given the American government what it wanted, his services were no longer needed; however, for Voller, the feeling was mutual so he had his forces kill the CIA agents and hijacked the aircraft to finalize his plot to change the outcome of World War II.[3]

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Mason was a CIA agent in 1969.



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