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The Chachapoyans were inhabitants of the Chachapoyas region in South America (in eastern modern-day Peru). The Hovitos were 20th century descendants of the Chachapoyans, as were the people from whom Xomec descended.


The Chachapoyans built the Temple of the Warriors, near El Panal to house one of the most holy deities of their culture, the Earth mother, in the form of a golden idol. Would-be soldiers in the tribe would prove their worth by entering the temple, passing through its traps and snares, touch the idol and depart.

The Chachapoyans also had other structures in the area, including the city of Tec'na'al.

Behind the scenes[]

The Chachapoyan civilization was conquered by the Incas during their imperial expansion but Incan superiority was challenged soon after by the arrival of the Spanish.



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