Lieutenant Chang was the right-hand man of General Tzi, who suffered from smallpox. Along with Tzi, he followed Indiana Jones, Joan Starbuck and Walter Granger to the Flaming Cliffs in 1933, on Tzi's mission to kill Jones and eat his heart and brain. After Tzi's death, Chang took command of the General's men and fled.

Later, though, Chang returned, having learned from monks that Jones and Granger's party sought dinosaur eggs, which Chang believed to be the eggs of the legendary Allegorhai-Horhai. Because it was said that if you ate the Horhai's flesh you would become immortal, Chang desired the eggs. He fought Jones, who eventually killed him by shooting him with his Webley.

As he lay dying, Chang cursed Jones, and said the Horhai eggs belonged to him and the rest of the late Tzi's men.


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