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A Chief Henchman was in the employ of Lao Che when meeting with Indiana Jones in 1935.


When the meeting went sour, the man threw knives at Jones but missed, in turn receiving a blow to the face when the American threw a cymbal at him. When Jones and entertainer Willie Scott tried to flee, he provided Lao Che's son Kao Kan with a machine gun. Despite this, Jones and Scott managed to escape to a waiting vehicle through a window, and the henchman accompanied Lao Che and Kao Kan in pursuing them in their own car, firing his machine gun at Jones's vehicle. He was unsuccessful in stopping it, however, and Jones shot him in the head.

Behind the scenes[]

The Chief Henchman was played by Philip Tan in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. His role in the LEGO Indiana Jones video games is filled by a generic "Shanghai Hoodlum" character.

When he gets shot by Indy during the car chase, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.