"The Arms of Gold are the key! With them and De La Posco's map, we'll find them and use them--to shape the stone! To destroy Lima or any other centers of foreign power then--"
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The Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco were part of the golden armor that the great Inca Emperor, Pachacuti, was buried in after death. The armor subsequently inherited the Emperor's supernatural abilities to move, shape and control the rock of the earth.[1] His gold plated corpse, like that of other Inca emperors, was placed in an elaborate underground throne room surrounded by his treasures, where he awaited reawakening. Then, on special feast days and celebrations, his body was paraded through the provinces along with the bodies of the emperors before him. However, Pachacuti's forearms served another purpose[2]: when needed, the Inca would use them to sculpt the perfect fitting rocks that they used to build their elaborate cities.[1]

Various drawings of the arms where recorded in the diary of Vasco de la Posco which was later stored at the Museo de las Pacificas in Buenos Aires.[2]

In 1937, Felipe Uribe sent el Dedo de oro to his sister Francisca from Buenos Aires. After receiving a sabbatical, Indiana Jones and Francisca followed the trail to Buenos Aires where a tip from Felipe's girlfriend, Elise Farthington, led them to Vasci De La Posco's diary and finally to the burial tomb of Pachacuti. Hot on their trail was Felipe's Neo-Inca warriors and Major Claude Reed-Whitby, an agent from Transatlantic Global Mining, all of whom wished to claim the arms for their own causes. Felipe wanted to use them to build a Neo-Inca empire and rule the world while Transatlantic Global Mining wanted to the arms to further their mining exploits.[2]

In a confrontational showdown in the tomb, Felipe attempted to use the arms but instead unwittingly caused to the temple to collapse and crush him and his Neo-Incas while Indiana Jones and Francisca narrowly escaped. The temple ruins were then flooded by the water of the lake above.[2]

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