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Chinatown is a neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Established in the 1850s as Chinese immigrants came to California for work, it was the only area in the city where Chinese immigrants could live and inherit property. By the early twentieth century, it was one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia.

In the 1930s, several Tongs held considerable sway in Chinatown, including one run by Shih Ho, and the Hip Chen Tong, led by Blind Duck.

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In 1939, Indiana Jones came to Chinatown as he had heard that his friend Archie Tan had a lead on finding Jones' missing mentor, Charles Kingston. When Jones arrived, he found that Tan had been kidnapped by Blind Duck, who was searching for the Jade Sphere, an item in Tan's possession. Jones first rescued Tan's granddaughter, Suzie in a chase that led through the Lao Che Lounge and the Fireworks Factory and across the rooftops.

Suzie Tan and Jones went to Archie's office, where Jones found an entrance to Archie's secret storehouse. Defeating more Tong men inside, Jones discovered a secret passage leading down to an immense underground cavern housing the sailing ship Star of the Orient. On board the Star, Jones found the Jade Sphere. During this adventure, he continued to fight against Blind Duck's Tong, even on top of San Francisco's cable cars. Jones also recovered the Golden Bowl from an establishment in the neighborhood.

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