"Good cause, indeed, Professor Jones--Mine!"
―Claude Reed-Whitby[src]

Major Claude Reed-Whitby was an agent of Transatlantic Global Mining. In 1937, Reed-Whitby was introduced to Indiana Jones at a club called the Tango Palace . There, Reed-Whitby had one of his thugs arrange for Jones to unwillingly be part of a knife throwing act, where Jones just barely avoided being decapitated by the knife thrower. Afterwards, Reed-Whitby and several of his fellow agents attempted to claim the Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco from Jones. During the confrontation, Reed-Whitby and his men were attacked by Incan warriors. Reed-Whitby and the other agents attempted to shoot down Incan warriors, but quickly ran low on ammunition. With his gun empty, Reed-Whitby was impaled by one of the warriors' spears.

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