Colonel Clouseau was a French Intelligence officer stationed in Prague during World War I.


Colonel Clouseau was described by Barcelona agents Cunningham and Charles as one of French Secret Service's most "unique" intelligence officers. In August 1917, he was working undercover as a street vendor in Prague, holding the key for a safe house at 150 Ruská Street. The safe house was to receive a telephone call of vital importance on August 8 at exactly 1200 hours where the entire outcome of the war could have depended on the call.

On August 5, Colonel Clouseau handed over the key to secret agent Amadeus Shooblegrueber (in fact Indiana Jones himself, undercover), who was to handle the expected telephone call.

Due to a string of unforeseen problems with the telephone, Colonel Clouseau assisted Shooblegrueber at the safe house, in the vital moments of the phonecall.

Behind the scenes

Colonel Clouseau was played by Nickolas Grace in "Prague, August 1917" and Espionage Escapades, credited as "The Prague Spy".

Clouseau is likely named after Peter Sellers's bumbling Inspector Clouseau character from The Pink Panther film series.

The address of the safe house is in reality 159 Úvoz, in the old Hradčany district. Ruská Street is located 6 km east in a more modern part of Prague.


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