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The Coatlicue Idol emerges from a trapdoor.

The Coatlicue Idol was a statue dedicated to the Aztec Mother Goddess who gave birth to the moon and the stars. Indiana Jones found the idol over the course of his adventures in Mexico during the 1930s.

The statue was also sought by treasure hunters led by Victor Van Loon. Indy used a Chachapoyan Fertility Idol to open the the doors of the Coatlicue temple. He tracked the looters to an empty underground chamber. Van Loon concluded that the temple had already been robbed and left, however Jones explored and found a secret passageway leading into a small cave. There he found a trapdoor that released snakes the first three times it was opened. Despite his phobia, Indy managed to defeat the snakes and recovered the Coatlicue statue.