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A cobra is a type of venomous snake. Found in Asia and Africa, there are several different types of cobra. Cobras have the ability to create a "hood" using skin around the sides of their heads and necks to increase the appearance of their head. One species, the king cobra, is considered to be the longest venemous snake in the world, and is known to eat primarily other snakes.[1]

Adventures with cobras[]

After the traumatic experience with several snakes in the circus train that triggered his ophidiophobia in 1912, Indiana Jones made a drawing and notations about the dangers of cobras in his journal.[2] Jones later had several encounters with cobras.

Henrik Mellberg kept a pet king cobra, in a terrarium in his New York City apartment. In 1936, Indiana Jones came to meet Mellberg, but was caught by agents of the Ahnenerbe who tried to threaten him by placing him near the opened terrarium. However, a distraction from a maid allowed Jones to dodge, and the cobra bit one of the agents.[1]

Indy cobra

Indiana Jones in front of a cobra in 1936.

Later that year, a cobra was among the many snakes found in the Well of the Souls, when Jones and Sallah attempted to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant. When Jones fell into the chamber, he ended up face to face with the cobra, which was preparing to strike, but Jones managed to avoid a snakebite.[3]



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