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The cockroach or roach is a large species of insect, that is common throughout the world, but commonly in the tropics. They are common pests, that can invade household kitchens, and conduct vast material damages. Large tropical cockroaches, can surpass two inches in length, and always appears in swarms.

Adventures with cockroaches[]

In 1935, after surviving an assassination attempt at his room in Pankot Palace, Indiana Jones found a secret door in the chamber belonging to Willie Scott, leading him into the secret crypts of the palace. As he and Short Round navigated the dark chambers, Short Round noticed a crunching sound below him, which he likened to the sound of cookies. Jones made some light for them, but to their horror, the sound was of thousands of cockroaches, covering the floor of the crypt, along with other insects.[1]

Later, while Short Round and Indy was caught in a spike room trap, Willie followed them down, and although hesistant to move into the vast amount of bugs, Jones convinced her to proceed. Eventually, she aborted the trap with a mechanism, covered in the insects, as they simultaneously swarmed her body, before she finally escaped.[1]



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