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"Colin was your stepfather. We started dating when you were three months old. He was a good man, but he wasn't your father."
Marion Ravenwood, to Mutt Williams[src]

Colin Williams was an British Pilot in the Royal Air Force. He was a friend of Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood's first husband, and Mutt Williams' stepfather. Williams was killed during World War II.


A Royal Air Force pilot at Great Britain's service, Colin Williams met Marion Ravenwood when the American archaeologist Indiana Jones introduced them to each other.[1]

After Jones left a pregnant Marion the week before their 1937 marriage, Ravenwood went on to marry Williams three months after giving birth and told her son Henry — nicknamed "Mutt" — that Colin Williams was his father. During World War II, Williams fought for his country and was killed during the conflict.[1]


Following Williams' death, Harold Oxley became Mutt's surrogate father[2] before Jones himself reclaimed that position when he reunited with Marion in 1957, finding out from her that Mutt was his son and marrying together shortly after discovering the Temple of Akator.[1]

In a sad irony, though, Mutt eventually chose to follow in Colin's footsteps as a member of the military, serving the USA in the army during the Vietnam War and losing his life in action during that conflict, devastating both Marion and Indy for a long time before Indy's hunt for Archimedes' Antikythera rekindled his life and Marion's.[3]

Personality and traits[]

According to his wife Marion Ravenwood, Colin Williams was a good man, heavily suggesting that he was both a loving husband and parental figure, given how his adopted son Mutt treated him as his real father[1] and eventually opted to follow in his footsteps as a man willing to give up his life for his country.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

During an interview with in 2010, Indycron continuity database keeper Leland Chee stated that exploration of Colin Williams by writers is currently off-limits.[4]



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