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"Colin was your stepfather. We started dating when you were three months old. He was a good man, but he wasn't your father."
Marion Ravenwood to Mutt Williams[src]

Colin Williams was a friend of Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood's first husband, and Mutt Williams' stepfather. A pilot in the Royal Air Force, Williams was killed during World War II.


Colin Williams met Marion Ravenwood when Indiana Jones introduced them to each other.[1]

After Jones left a pregnant Marion the week before their 1937 marriage, Ravenwood went on to marry Williams and told her son Henry — nicknamed "Mutt" — that Colin Williams was his father. Williams was a member of the Royal Air Force, and was killed during World War II.[1]

Following Williams' death, Harold Oxley became Mutt's surrogate father.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

During an interview with in 2010, Indycron continuity database keeper Leland Chee stated that exploration of Colin Williams by writers is currently off-limits.[3]



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