"So ya want us ta off 'm, do ya, sir?"


Connely was a older Irish man who ran an inn near New Grange and also led a group of Blueshirts, members of a right-wing pro-fascist paramilitary political organization in Ireland, which were in league with the Nazi Dieterhoffmann.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In March 1945, one of his guests, Indiana Jones, was brought in after being found unconscious outside the mound he had been excavating. Connely and his wife revived the archaeologist, who was concerned about a mysterious red-haired girl with a letter. Connely observed Jones reading the letter in his pocket, and was excited when Jones exclaimed something about a spear.

Secretly, Connely had been in radio contact with Dieterhoffman, who had been seeking information from Jones' father, and had set up contact with the Blueshirt leader to monitor if Jones had gotten any communication from him. In the middle of the night, Connely contacted the standartenfuhrer to alert him to the letter and mention of the spear, and received orders to have Jones killed. Connely sent three of his men, Pete, Bobby, and a third to kill Jones in his sleep. However, Jones was awake, and had overheard the radio conversation, and was ready for the Irish goons, and escaped with the help of his assistant, Brendan O'Neal.

Several days later, Connely and his group met with the Nazi contingent seeking the Spear, led by Dieterhoffman, and their hostage Rebecca Stein, in the common room of his inn. Connely stood by while Dieterhoffmann slapped Stein. When Jones arrived and took Bobby as hostage to trade for Stein, Dieterhoffmann didn't care if Jones killed Bobby - but Connely disagreed, saying that his men would die for their cause, but not for some artifact. Dieterhoffmann countered that he didn't care for the Irish cause, and adding insult, would rather have had the English as allies, given a choice. When Jones pushed Bobby at the oncoming Kurt, Kurt threw Bobby over the banister, and Bobby died on impact. Enraged, Pete attacked Kurt, but was punched out quickly. With Kurt's back turned, an irate Connely clubbed the giant Nazi on the head with a stick for killing Bobby. Seeing his allies turn on him, Dieterhoffmann shot Connely in the chest. In the confusion, Jones and Stein escaped with Seigfried's part of the spear.

It is not known if Connely survived his bullet wound.

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