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Connely's Inn was a small inn with a bar, located near New Grange, Ireland, south of Dublin. It was run by Connely and his wife. A bartender also worked there. The two story inn had bedrooms upstairs, some of which were furnished with religious artwork. A downstairs back room held a radio set which Connely, as a local leader of the Blueshirts, used to communicate with Dieterhoffmann, his Nazi contact.

In March 1945, Indiana Jones stayed at Connely's Inn while working on a dig near New Grange with Brendan O'Neal. After having a mysterious vision at the site, he was brought back to the inn where the innkeepers tended to him. Regaining consciousness, he found a letter from his father, and then went to bed. In the middle of the night, he awoke and overheard Connely receiving radio orders to have him killed. Jones quickly returned to his room and scuffled with O'Neal, who had snuck in to warn him. Realizing the true threat from the Blueshirts, Jones attacked Pete with a picture of Jesus Christ, then jumped out the window with O'Neal and fled by car.

Several days later, Dieterhoffmann and his group of Nazis arrived in Ireland and met up with their local contacts at the inn, bringing with them part of the Spear of Longinus and a hostage, Rebecca Stein. Jones' attempt to rescue Stein ended up with a fight between the Blueshirts and the Nazis, and a second leap from the upper story window for Jones' and Stein's escape. In the fight at the inn, Bobby was killed by Kurt, and Connely was shot by Dieterhoffmann.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Indiana Jones mentions that Connely's Inn is south of Dublin, though in the real world, New Grange is found north of Dublin, yet Connely's Inn is near New Grange. It could be that Jones was mistaken, or that the locations of Dublin and New Grange in the world of Indiana Jones are different than their locations in the real world.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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