King Constantine was the monarch of Greece during 1922.


Alex Mandraki and his lover, Dorian Belecamus took part in an elaborate assassination attempt against King Constantine and planned to pin the deed on one of her Sorbonne students, Indiana Jones.

The plot went awry, however, and Mandraki was killed by the king's guard.

Constantine was succeeded by George II the same year.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The king of Greece goes unnamed in Rob MacGregor's novel Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi (and Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants), and is first identified as Constantine in West End Games' The World of Indiana Jones. As the novel takes place in October 1922, this creates an anachronism: the real life Constantine abdicated the month before in September 1922 and was in exile in Italy until his death four months later in 1923.

The timeline of Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide places the assassination attempt in the May of 1922. However, it also places events from the novel out of sequence.



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