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"The tsars have always used Cossacks as a kind of police force. Sometimes they do things that are... not very pleasant."
Helen Margaret Seymour[src]

The Cossacks are a group of people living in southern Russia.


A young Indiana Jones first encountered Cossacks in Russia during his father's world lecture tour. When he ran away from his parents and met Leo "Lev" Tolstoy, who was also fleeing family members, Cossack policemen were called in to find the missing Jones.[1]

Later, a pair of Cossacks found Indy and Lev at an inn with orders to take Tolstoy back home. Tolstoy refused and told them to go away. Despite Indy claiming that they were in a free country and couldn't just drag someone away, the Cossacks attempted to apprehend them. Indy hit the pair with a table and sought refuge with Tolstoy in a barn for the night.[1]

The next day they saw a whole Cossack regiment pass by. Tolstoy informed the boy that they were absolutley brutal, slaying anyone if given orders. The regiment had even brought cannons so they were prepared for anything. The runaways manage to slip past them and attach themselves to a group of traveling gypsies they meet.[1]

However, at night a Cossack regiment attacked the gypsies at night after they make camp, burning it down and scattering the inhabitants. Tolstoy was injured during the raid but Jones and he managed to get medical help at a nearby house once the Cossacks half left and were both eventually, voluntarily reunited with their families.[1]

After he became a spy during World War I, Indiana Jones had another encounter with the Cossacks in 1917. Friends with a group of Bolsheviks at a time when Russia was creeping toward revolution, Jones was unble to stop them marching toward the square which was being protected by Cossacks armed with machine guns.[2]

When Jones arrived, the Cossacks began firing on the Bolsheviks and Jones' friend, Sergei was hit and died in front of him.[2] In 1992, Jones discovered a photograph of the demonstrators in an American museum and realized that he was in it as a blur.[3]



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