Cozan was a lost city in what became British Honduras.

History[edit | edit source]

Cozan took its name from Mayan but the city's cultural origin was less certain.

Explored in 1867 by Richard Francis Burton, Cozan was once again lost to history until Indiana Jones's arrival in 1933. During that time, Jones recovered a human-shaped Crystal Skull from the Temple of the Serpent but it was taken from him by the Fascist Leonardo Sarducci which triggered a series of events that saw the skull change hands several times before Jones could reclaim it.

The archaeologist decided to take the skull back to its resting place and returned to Cozan following his 1934 adventures with the Staff of Aaron and Omega Book in Egypt. On his return to the temple, Jones had an experience which allowed him to see a slave girl being sacrificed before the artifact during a time Cozan was still inhabited.

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