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Crete is an island in the Aegean Sea southeast of mainland of Greece. It is the largest island of the country of Greece. In ancient times, Crete was settled by the Minoan civilization, and later the ancient Greeks.

The ancient builders of Atlantis considered Crete their greater colony, and were linked to the Minoan civilization on the island.

In May 1939, Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood landed on Crete and visited the Palace of Knossos, and used some Atlantean artifacts and orichalcum to find the entrance to the Labyrinth. Inside the maze, they discovered some Nazi henchmen, who had just attacked Charles Sternhart. Dying, Sternhart gave Jones and Hapgood his Atlantean key-stone and diary. Further inside the Labyrinth, they found a model of the city of Atlantis, which they used to help navigate the real city when they discovered it. Back on the coast, Jones attacked several Nazi sailors before catching a ride with Niklos to a spot off the coast of Thera.

Locations on Crete[]

  • Palace of Knossos (Minoan ruins)
    • Labyrinth of Knossos


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