Cristpy Coleoptera was the third course served at the Guardian of Tradition Dinner given at Pankot Palace in 1935. The menu described them as "Fresh beetles, still in the shell, bursting with meltingly delectable innards".

One of the merchants enjoyed his boiled beetle, and wondered why Willie Scott was not partaking in this course. Repulsed, Willie declined, saying that she had "had bugs for lunch", much to the merchant's amusement. Willie felt like vomiting just watching the merchant devour the beetle and belching loudly.

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Cristpy Coleoptera first appeared in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as part of the so-called Guardian of Tradition Dinner but the fictional dish wasn't named until 2008's The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones. While the additional "T" is likely a spelling mistake, the name was actually duplicated when the menu was turned into a prop for the Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Limited Edition Collector's Set.

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