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A crocodile is a type of large amphibious reptile, related to the alligator. Crocodiles live in rivers and swamps in Africa and Asia, nesting on land, but often hunting and resting in water. Large crocodiles are able to catch and kill livestock and humans with their powerful jaws and shorts bursts of speed.

Adventures with crocodiles[]

Indiana Jones encountered several crocodiles on board the Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus train in Utah in 1912, while trying to flee from Fedora and his gang, with the Cross of Coronado. After jumping on board the train, Jones fled into the reptile car, where he was forced to cross a narrow plank, situated above a pit of crocodiles, while being pursued by Half Breed and Rough Rider. All three crossed the plank successfully.[1]

Jones saw another crocodile in the Ogooué River in 1917, while traveling upriver from Port-Gentil aboard the Collette.[2]

Von Beck survived the giant croc's attack but not without cost.

Albrecht Von Beck's face was disfigured after he survived the attack of a giant crocodile that lived in the Temple of Kouru Watu's sacred lake in 1935.[3]

Crocodiles lurked in the murky river outside of Pankot Palace, and often fed grisly meals from the Thuggee cultists. When Jones, Short Round, and Willie Scott helped put a stop to the Thuggee activities in 1935, several of the Thuggee guards, as well as their leader Mola Ram met their demise in the mouths of the crocodiles.[4]


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