"Crystal Death "Duel the Referee" Adventure Pack" is a role-playing adventure released by TSR in 1984 as part of its Adventures of Indiana Jones series. The game is based on a story that appeared in Marvel Comics' Further Adventures of Indiana Jones in issues 7 and 8, entitled "Africa Screams!" and "Crystal Death".

The game module contains a playable adaptation of the story; a Referee Guide; an Evidence File; and Action Maps of the Treasury Room, Expedition Camp, Jungle and Skull Palace.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Bullets chip and spark as the machine gun empties into the wall behind Indiana Jones. Some monastery! These goons may wear monks robes, but that doesn't make them saints by a long shot!

Indy rounds a corner at a dead run and slides to a halt. More monks with tommy guns! A beautiful stain glass window shines colored light into the hallway. It looks Indy takes a breath. One jump, he thinks, and it's all smashes around him...daylight covers him and he's falling...falling...

From the French countryside to the steaming heart of Africa, Indy sets out on a fantastic adventure that tests his skills...and the skills of those who guide him. The CRYSTAL DEATH Adventure Module can be played as a standard group adventure or as a special duel where you pit all your gaming experience against the skill of your friends.

This adventure pack is for use with the ADVENTURE OF INDIANA JONES role-playing game from TSR, Inc. and cannot be played without that game.





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