The Crystal Skull of Akator was the remains of one of the thirteen alien beings that ruled in the Temple of Akator.


The skull was attempted to be returned to Akator by Francisco de Orellana but was buried with him in his tomb near Nazca.

It was the obsession of Harold Oxley, who heavily researched the connection of the Skull to a Peruvian legend about a City of Gold.

Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood and Mutt Williams were trying to keep it from the hands of the Soviets.

Powers and physical makeup

The Skull was incredibly magnetic, even attracting metals that weren't magnetic by nature, like gold. The Skull also had psychic properties, being able to communicate on a primitive level with other creatures by staring into the eyes for prolonged periods. These powers also affected non-humans such as siafu, where Oxley used the skull to divert and deflect their attack on himself and Jones.

Behind the scenes

It serves as the title McGuffin at the heart of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The skull was a practical prop created by Stan Winston studios, with some versions outfitted to physically "glow" from the eyes. The crystal skull that is carried around throughout the movie is actually of a different size than that attached to the head of the crystal skeleton at the end of the film. Director Steven Spielberg claimed nobody would notice.

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