The Crystal Skull of Akator was part of the remains of one of the thirteen interdimensional beings that ruled in the Temple of Akator.


Around seven thousand years ago, thirteen interdimensional beings with crystalline skeletons from the "space between spaces" became the gods of the Ugha tribe and chose them to build a great city that the conquistadors called El Dorado, otherwise known as Akator.[1]

In 1546, a group of conquistadors led by Francisco de Orellana stole the one of the skulls along with other valuables from Akator]. On the journey back to their ship, however, the Skull telepathically compelled Orellana to return it to the city, and the resulting argument with his countrymen led to their murder at Orellana's hand. Shortly thereafter, however, Orellana was killed by the guardians of a cemetery where Orellana had chased down his final victim. The skull was buried with him in his tomb overlooking Nazca, Peru. The theft fell into legend stating that whomever returned the skull to Akator would be granted its power.[1]

Centuries later, the crystal skull had become the obsession of Professor Harold Oxley, who intensely researched its connection to the Peruvian legend of the City of Gold. Oxley found the skull with and tried to return it to Akator, but couldn't make it past the mechanism that blocked the entrance to the city's temple and so once again buried it with Orellana at Chauchilla Cemetery. In 1957, Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood and Mutt Williams tried to keep the Skull from the hands of the Soviets who sought to use the skull for psychic warfare.

Powers and physical makeup

The Crystal Skull was incredibly magnetic, even attracting metals (such as gold) that were not magnetic by nature. The Skull also had psychic properties, including the ability to communicate on a primitive level with people who stared into its eyes for a prolonged period. These powers also affected non-humans—Oxley used the Skull to divert an army of siafu intent on attacking him and Jones.

Behind the scenes

Crystal Skull

Side view of the skull

The Skull serves as the title MacGuffin at the heart of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The Skull was a practical prop created by Stan Winston studios, with some versions outfitted to physically "glow" from the eyes. The prop that is carried around throughout the movie is actually of a different size than that attached to the head of the crystal skeleton at the end of the film. Director Steven Spielberg claimed nobody would notice.



Notes and references

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