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The Monkey Man poisons a bowl of dates.

"Bad dates."
Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir[src]

The date is a type of fruit.


In 1935, Indiana Jones' doctor, Frodente, encouraged the archaeologist to eat dates to improve his diet.[1]

A year later, in Cairo, Egypt, a one-eyed man sneaked into the residence of Imam. His intentions were to poison a bowl of dates, with which to kill Indiana Jones, under orders from Nazi forces led by Colonel Dietrich and Major Toht. Imam's apprentice Abu unwittingly served the bowl to Indy, unaware that the fruits were contaminated. When the archaeologist attempted to eat one, his friend Sallah quickly caught the date before it could enter his mouth as he noticed the corpse of a hungry Capuchin monkey on the floor, who had died from eating them. Sallah could only remark, "Bad dates."[2]



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