"Deadly Rock!" is issue 13 of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. It was published in January 1984. In addition to the single-issue story, the issue also contains the one-page comic Massachusetts Brown: Raiders of the Late Book. In 2009, "Deadly Rock!" was collected in Omnibus: The Further Adventures Volume 2 by Dark Horse Comics.

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In 1936, Professor Jones took his advanced archaeology students on an expedition of caves once inhabited by Hopi Indians in Arizona. After saving Lucy Giles from a scorpion, Jones rescued the curious Warren from a rock slide. A pair of armed men claiming to be from the Bureau of Indian Affairs warned the class to stay away from the caves. Suspicious, Jones sneaked off after dusk to investigate, and found that the maze of caverns is being converted into a sophisticated criminal hideout by a unscrupulous entrepreneur named Busby. To ensure the professor's silence, Busby kidnapped one of his students, Lucy Giles. Pretending to break camp and leave with the rest of his students, Jones mounted a rescue, only to discover that Lucy was Busby's daughter. Jones fought his way through Busby's men, and foiled Busby's attempt to flee by plane. Previously called by Jones, the state police arrived to arrest father, daughter and the rest of the gang.

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