Deirdre Campbell Jones was a Scottish redheaded student of London University where her mother, Joanna Campbell, was head of the Archaeology Department. She later became the first wife of Indiana Jones. Although a happy marriage, it was a short one, which ended with her death during a plane crash in South America in 1926.


Deirdre Campbell was born to Joanna Campbell around 1905 in Scotland. She grew up in Whithorn in the Scottish southwest. Her father died when she was fifteen.

Studying at London University in the summer of 1925, at age twenty, Deirdre piqued Professor Indiana Jones' interest with a paper exploring the historical underpinnings of the Merlin legend. The adventure that followed led the pair to Stonehenge and a fatal confrontation with Deidre's secret half-brother from a different father, Adrian Powell, a member of Parliament and the chief of the mysterious Order of the Hyperboreans. Joanna was killed as a result of prolonged exposure to chlorine gas.[1]

Deirdre and Indy's relationship continued to blossom, however, and they were married in March 1926 on the ship Mauretania while journeying to Rio de Janeiro.

Traveling in South America just a few weeks after their wedding, their plane crashed in the jungle during their escape from the veiled city of Ceiba, killing the young bride.[2]


The loss of Deirdre affected Jones deeply. Not only had he been the sole survivor of the plane crash that took Deirdre's life, but his memory of their final moments together were mostly gone, and he was unable to remember enough details to return to the crash site.[2] His journal contained just one reference to Deirdre, mentioning their time together on a dig in Tikal, Guatemala,[3] and several years later when asked if he had a wife, Jones replied that he had never been married.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Deirdre Campbell was created by Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants author Rob MacGregor. For the cover of Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils, artist Drew Struzan used a photograph of golfer Glenna Collett as the basis for Deirdre's likeness.

The character's name is misspelled as "Dierdre" on[5], and as "Deidre" in The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones.



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