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Deirdre Stanforth was the wife of the Charles Stanforth, the Dean of Marshall College, with whom she had two children: Don and Maggie.


In 1957, when her husband Charles Stanforth resigned his post at the Marshall College in protest over the Board of Regents pressuring the university to fire Professor Indiana Jones following false allegations made by the FBI, Deirdre was reportedly both proud of yet panicked by of Charles' decision.[1]

After Jones returned to Bedford following his success in defeating the Soviets during their search for Akator, Charles was reinstated along with the professor. Deirdre and the rest of the Stanforth family were later present at the wedding of Jones to Marion Ravenwood.[1]

Personality and traits[]

A woman who deeply cared for her husband Charles, Deirdre Stanforth was proud of her beloved Charles resigning from his Marshall College post for the sake of defending his colleague Indiana Jones' honor in front of the FBI, though at the same time, felt panicked due to Charles being potentially a victim of the Red Scare. She seemed to like Indy, as she applauded for him during his wedding with Marion Ravenwood.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Deirdre Stanforth was played by an uncredited Celia Hemken in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The character briefly appears in the film's closing moments in a nonspeaking role.[1]

Though mentioned in James Rollins' novelization and the Dark Horse Comics' comic book adaptation, Deirdre is absent from the wedding.[2][3]


Notes and references[]