"Two men, I send for you. Where are they?"
General Delgado[src]

General Delgado was an officer in the Peruvian military.

In 1941, he was in charge of Peruvian military presence in the Ecuadorian town of Puerto Bolivar, which had been taken from Ecuador in the border war. Some of his soldiers had captured an American attempting to steal a boat from the port, and General Delgado imprisoned the man, Indiana Jones. Recognizing that Jones was wanted by the Peruvian Museum Council, Delgado hoped for a reward. Colonel Musgrove arrived to arrange for Jones' release, having used the fictional museum council as a front to find Jones and bring him into custody. However, when Delgado sent some of his men to bring Jones to Musgrove, Jones fought them off and escaped through the compound. Eventually, an armed Jones burst into Delgado's office, only to find the general talking to Musgrove. Musgrove convinced Jones that he was there to get his out, and Delgado reminded Musgrove that he needed to get paid for Jones' capture. Delgado was upset at Jones holding a machine gun to him in his own office, but had no choice to let Jones go with Musgrove.

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