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Dimitri was a KGB agent operating in the United States of America in 1957 whose main task was to capture American archaeologist Indiana Jones.


Dimitri, along with three other Russian suits, was assigned to follow Mutt Williams so as to capture Indiana Jones. He and one of the other agents boarded the train Jones intended to leave on, but had to get off after Williams persuaded Jones to go with him to Arnie's Diner. There the pair tried to apprehend the two Americans, but were thwarted when a fight broke out as a result of Mutt sucker punching a college student to create a distraction.

Hitting the Brody statue.

The agents gave chase in their cars and Dimitri pulled Jones off of Mutt's motorcycle into his car through a window, but the archaeologist clambered out the other side after physically defending himself. Later they drove through a Red Scare rally, but the agent driving the car was blinded by a banner that said "Better Dead Than Red," and crashed into a statue of the late Dean Marcus Brody.

Behind the scenes[]

The first of the two credited Russian Suits was played by the late actor and musician Dimitri Diatchenko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As an American actor of Ukrainian descent, Diatchenko's Russian accent helped him get the part. The film's script identified the character simply as "Russian 1" but is actually named as Dimitri in parentheses after the actor's own name in The Complete Making of Indiana Jones during Diatchenko's contribution to the book.

To prepare for the role, Diatchenko bulked up to 250 pounds to look more menacing. Although he was cast for a minor part for a ten day shoot, when Diatchenko was accidentally struck on the chin by Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones, during the filming of the chase at Marshall College, director Steven Spielberg liked his humorous looking reaction so much that the actor's work was expanded to three months.[1]

For the 2008 release of the Indiana Jones Movie Photo Cards trading card series, Dimitri was depicted in one of the cards but was erroneously identified as George McHale, one of the film's main antagonists and a friend-turned-enemy of Jones. McHale was never involved in the Bedford car chase.



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